About Us

We are GuardWall Security where a mix of seasoned veterans and talented up and comers deliver Network Security solutions to meet the fast paced and changing needs of our clients. 

Our product and service specialties were developed to solve our customer's toughest problems. Challenges like tightening security on firewalls with bloated access policies or grappling with terabytes of logs to identify traffic allowed through old, legacy rule sets. Incentive to found the company was fueled by our desire help clients deal with these security issues under the added stress of meeting compliance goals or passing an audit.

The future success for our clients depend on doing more with less. The need to streamline operations with automated compliance checking or automated deployment of security policy updates is more in demand than ever.

I would like to invite you to setup an free consultation where we can discuss what problems we can solve for you.


Company Address
750 South Main Street suite 15065
Keller, TX 76248